Domus API

The Domus XML-based API allows Domus Estate Agent and Letting Agency Software to work with your existing website. You can now seamlessly integrate Domus property information by making some minor changes. Domus websites have always been built in this way and we have now made this facility available to external developers and web designers.

The Domus API provides a full search facility, featured properties and full details including photos, floorplans and EPC graph. We're sure you'll come up with all sorts of innovative ways to use the API but to get you started, here are some of our ideas:

  • Integrate Domus property search and full details into your existing website
  • RSS feed for property search
  • Mobile optimised property search
  • Search widget for blog

How Does It Work?

The Domus API works by accepting a normal HTTP request, processing that request and returning results in XML format. It is platform independent so your application may be built using any technology: PHP, .Net, Java, etc.

Full API documentation

Domus API Methods

Property Search

Search for properties using a variety of criteria. Returns summary data for each property suitable for display in a list.


sales Specifies whether to include sales or letting properties in the results (true for sales, false for lettings). Defaults to true.
min The minimum price of any properties to be returned. Defaults to 0.
max The maximum price of any properties to be returned. Defaults to 10,000,000.
beds The minimum amount of bedrooms of any property to be returned. Defaults to 0.
location The location of the property. Can be any part of the address or postcode.
type A list of one or more property type IDs of any properties to be returned.
area A list of one or more area IDs of any properties to be returned.
country The ISO Country Code of any properties to be returned.
new Specifies whether to include only New Build properties in the results.
items The number of results to be returned. Defaults to 10.
up The sort order of the results. Defaults to true (which is ascending order).
includeUnavailable Include Under Offer, Sold Subject to Contract, Sold, Let Agreed, Let properties in the search results. Defaults to false.
soldOrLet Only return Sold or Let properties. Defaults to false.
sort Search results by default are sorted by by Price (up=true for ascending price, up=false for descending price). You can also order by the date the property was put on the market using sort=onmarket.

Property Details

Returns full details of the property you specify including full description, rooms, photos, floorplans, EPC graph, branch contact details.


propertyID The ID of the property required.
photo The position in the list of the photo to be displayed as the main photo. Defaults to 1.

Featured Properties

Returns all properties that have been marked as a featured property by the customer. Returns summary data for each property suitable for display in a list.



New Applicant Registration

Allows new applicants to be added to the Domus database. Returns a success code or a list of validation error messages.


titleID ID of applicant title
forename Applicant forename
surname Applicant surname
company Applicant company name
dayPhone Daytime phone number
eveningPhone Evening phone number
mobilePhone Mobile phone number
email Email address
buildingName Address building name
buildingNumber Address building number
street Address street
locality Address locality
town Address town
county Address county
postCode Address postcode
countryCode Address ISO Country Code
buyingActive The applicant is an active buyer, true or false
buyingBedrooms The minimum bedrooms the buying applicant requires
buyingMinPrice The minimum buying price
buyingMaxPrice The maximum buying price
buyingNotes Free text description of additional buying requirements
buyingAreaID ID(s) of area required
buyingPropertyTypeID ID(s) of property types required
renting... As above for renting requirements
furnishingID ID of applicant furnishing requirement
sourceID ID of applicant source
positionID ID of applicant position


If you are stuck with any part of Domus, our comprehensive online help section can solve it for you.

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Our XML-based API allows you to link your website to Domus software in real time.

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