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Client Login Improvements and Bonus Credits

16 July 2024

We have released some great new features.

  • New Send Document feature which now allows multiple recipients. This saves time and allows the email notification template to be customised
  • Various e-signing tweaks and improvements
  • New features on the client login app including:
    • All Customers - Document Summary and PDF Download
    • All Customers - E-signing Integration
    • Landlords - Property and Tenancy Documents
    • Tenants - Tenancy Documents, Tenancy Statement, Repair Reporting
    • Sellers - Property Documents
    • Sellers - Property Sale Details and Sale Documents

We have also added some Bonus Domus Credits to each customer's account to allow you to try out the integrations like e-signing, AML Checks and Tenant Credit Checks.

You can see the Credits from the Admin page - look for the Domus Credits page in the Reports panel.

E-Signing Now Available

10 April 2024

We have released fully integrated electronic signatures that are available for any documents created within Domus.

The new e-signing features let you send and sign documents, track their status and store them securely in your account:

  • Efficient - speed up your signing process by allowing recipients to e-sign documents
  • Cost-effective - helps you save money on printing costs and streamline your workflows
  • Secure - electronic signatures are secure, tamper-proof and include an audit trail
  • Integrated - send documents straight from Domus and the e-signing pages can be styled to match your logo and branding

The new e-signing features are a pay-as-you-go service charged using Domus Credits. You can purchase Domus Credits from the Domus Shop in your account.

For detailed instructions on how to use our new e-signing features please view our tutorials.

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Anti-Money Laundering Checks Update

18 September 2023

Screening customers against Sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists to identify target matches is a vital part of meeting Anti-Money Laundering (AML) obligations.

We have updated the instant Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Checks to include the Equifax Watchlist. The Watchlist screens individuals against Sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists to identify target matches.

The Watchlist checks for alerts in the following categories:

Category Description
Sanctions Sanctions are measures primarily adopted by governments against a regime, organisation or individual that is believed to be in violation of international law. They are usually political, diplomatic or economic in nature and aim to prohibit illegal activity by high-risk individuals or groups.
Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) A PEP, or Politically Exposed Person, is an individual who holds the office of a prominent political function. The position of a PEP can mean that they are higher-risk individuals due to the influence and power that their position might hold, which may make them susceptible to bribery and corruption.
Relatives & Close Associates (RCAs) of PEPs Relatives and Close Associates (RCAs) are individuals that are associated to a PEP by a family, friend or business connection, and can include parents, siblings, friends, legal advisors, and business associates. RCAs are also known as ‘secondary PEPs’.
Special Interest Person / Entity (SIP/SIE) Special Interest Persons (SIPs) and Special Interest Entities (SIEs) are individuals or organisations that present a heightened level of risk due to their suspected or confirmed involvement in criminal activity. Association with these parties can represent both reputational and legal risk.

Instant AML Checks are fully integrated into all versions of Domus and can be obtained by purchasing a package of credits from the Domus Shop.

New Website Layouts Available

23 May 2023

Looking for a new website or to upgrade your existing layout? We have just released four eye catching new website layouts.

  • Hosted by us and integrated with your Domus account
  • Clean, modern and fast loading design options
  • Colour matched to your logo and branding
  • Responsive - Smartphone and tablet friendly

See All Layouts & Pricing

Latest Industry News Added to Dashboard

28 November 2022

Easily keep an eye on the latest property industry news from within Domus. We have just added an industry news panel to the dashboard which is powered by Property Industry Eye.

  • Live feed from Property Industry Eye
  • Easily viewable from Domus dashboard
  • Clicks through to full news items

Material Information and Other Features

06 September 2022

We have released a range of great new features to help improve property listings and support the new Trading Standards guidelines.

Property Material Information Update

Part A of the Trading Standards guidelines states that you need to include information about all "unavoidable costs" on your listings to help home movers make an informed decision about a property by understanding its true cost.

To support these guidelines and based on customer feedback we have added the following fields to a property:

  • Number of bathrooms
  • EPC renewal date
  • Council tax band
  • Deposit
  • Annual ground rent
  • Annual service charge
  • Tenure years left

The Rightmove real time feed has been updated with the new information and the log report improved. Go to Admin, Portal Realtime Datafeed to see the report.

Overnight portal feeds have been updated with new information and the photo limit has been increased to 30 photos.

Client Login Update

We have updated the client login app to have a more modern and consistent look and feel.

It is now also easier to add your corporate branding for a great personalised look.

Other Features

In conjunction with the EPC renewal date, there is a new EPC Renewals reminder list and the reminder list layout has been improved.

You can now add insurance products to your account, please contact our support team to arrange this.

Sync Your Domus Diary to Outlook, iOS and Other Apps

17th August 2021

You can now sync your Domus diary to Outlook Desktop, Apple Calendar, Thunderbird and other diary applications.

This means if you add or change an appointment in Domus it will be automatically updated in your external diary.

You can subscribe to your Domus Diary in just a few easy steps. We have added instructions for all the major diary applications here:

Boomin Feed

22nd July 2021

We have just added a nightly feed to Boomin which is a new property portal.

With their impressive marketing and features Boomin have been generating a lot of attention in the market lately. Powered by genuine innovation and technology, Boomin is a portal that connects agents and their customers in a modern, more meaningful way.

Joining Boomin is free until 31 March 2022, with no long-term commitment. You can subscribe and find out more at

Domus Facelift

We have recently upgraded Domus to be smartphone and tablet friendly making it ideal for logging in when on the move.

The new design includes a much improved look and feel which is more user friendly to navigate around.

Please watch the Tour video for an overview.

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