System release notes 6th May 2014

Started by Caroline Sturtridge on 07 May 2014 11:03

Last night we updated the system with the following new features:

* Each property now has a Board Status, which can be found in the Instruction section when editing the property. You can then see a report on properties by Board Status within the Board Status report. There is a link to this from within the Sales and Letting tabs.
* The Feature Request list can now be sorted by Summary, Votes, Post Count and Last Comment date.
* A Users Biography now includes a list of what forum discussion and feature request posts they have made, and also what feature requests they have voted on.

Please comment below if you have any queries about this update.



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Board Status is a great upgrade, thank you. Any chance you could add 'under offer' as a status option?

Ben Hollis ACABE on 09 May 2014 23:17

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