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Started by Sean Hannington on 11 Jun 2014 09:48

I often have the below message appear after I submit some information, which is time consuming and frustrating. Anyone know what causes this? (Below).

Duplicate Page

The page you were using is an out of date page. Please click on the 'Back' button and refresh the page (press F5) to get a current version.

If you keep seeing this page and you're using Internet Explorer, please change the following setting:
1.Click on the Cog icon (top right of the window) and choose Internet Options
2.Click on the Settings button in the Browsing History section
3.Change the stored pages setting to 'Every time I visit the webpage'
4.Click OK, then OK again

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This is an issue with older versions of Internet Explorer which don't deal very well with page caching (i.e. saving pages on your computer to speed things up). Follow the instructions on the error page to resolve the issue.

We recommend you use Internet Explorer 11 for best results.

Jason Attfield on 11 Jun 2014 15:39

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