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Started by Mathew Edwards on 28 Mar 2014 17:54

We are trying to change from running a duplicated paper based diary and domus diary alongside it to just the domus diary but we are finding that with 5 staff its really confusing to see what the hells going on when just looking in domus. Any one else find this? Any top tips?

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Hi Mathew, we have 5 staff but don't have any problems with the diary. Simply click on the DIARY tab and click then click BRANCH. You will have a nice n easy visual diary. We don't and never have used any other method. What is also useful if you are going out on multiple viewings, just click EVENTS and print the page to take with you. Alex Reay, Sutherlandreay.com

Alex Reay on 28 Mar 2014 19:06

I find the only difficult thing about the Domus diary is that you can only put one property in on any particular viewing. This therefore does not give a reaolistic view of how many times you view a certain property considering you cannot always attach a it to a viewing and have to write it in manually.

Dominic Walters on 31 Mar 2014 09:05

Hi Dominic, if one person is going out on multiple viewings we don't treat it as 1 viewing. Using the 'Save and Add Another' button just keep on adding the properties at relevant time intervals.

Alex Reay on 31 Mar 2014 15:19

Vote on 'Enable diary to be synched with mobile devices' - it's a game changer

Ben Hollis ACABE on 09 May 2014 23:25

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