How do I stop Rightmove Realtime Enquiries being automatically imported into Domus?

When a branch is set up to use Rightmove Realtime, as well as any property changes being sent immediately whenever you change a property in any way, we also retrieve any email leads that have come through Rightmove every 30 minutes and import that directly into Domus as an Enquiry.  You will be able to see these on the Home page and in the Enquiries list.

If you do not want them imported you can turn this off as follows:

  1. Click on 'Portals' under the 'Admin' tab
  2. If you need to, change the branch using the drop-down
  3. Select the Rightmove portal from the list
  4. Untick the Realtime enquiries box and save the portals settting

Domus will then stop retrieving the enquiries for that branch.

You can only change the portal datafeed settings if you have Manager level system access.

Topic: Admin

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