How do I act as an insurance introducer?

Domus customers can act as an insurance introducer which enables you to introduce customers to tenant and landlord insurance.

You will receive an agreed commission on each new policy to help increase your revenue.

How Do I Get Started?

To start as acting as an introducer, please contact Domus support.

How Does Commission Get Paid

A commission is payable on each new policy at an agreed commission rate.

Policies are administered by Paymentshield.

Commission will become due and payable as soon as the policy administrator has received:

  1. The gross annual premium in full from the Insured;
  2. The first instalment payment payable by the Insured under a monthly credit agreement

Commissions are issued monthly and will be included on the Commission Statement and a monthly total calculated.

That total amount will be added to the Domus account of the customer.

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