How do I upload images to templates?

Currently there is not a way to upload images within the template editor itself however you can drag them into the template via image hosting websites such as

Below are instructions on how to drag in images from those websites;

1. Sign up to an account with the image hosting site you wish to use and upload the images you need to use on the template.

2. Make sure you have the Domus template you are editing open in one website tab, and Imgur (or similar) open in a second tab (preferably the next tab along).

3. Open the image you wish to upload within Imgur, right click it and go to 'view image' or 'open image in new tab' depending which web browser you are using.

4. From the tab you have opened the image up into simply click and drag that image straight from that window into the tab and template you have Domus open in.

5. Size or align the image as you wish before hitting save.

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