Why has a customer been set to 'Do Not Email'?

We have made some changes to the way emails are sent to improve email delivery and bounce handling.

Customer Set to 'Do Not Email'

A customer could be set to Do Not Email for a number of reasons:

  • You have manually selected do not email
  • The customer has clicked on 'unsubscribe'
  • Our system has automatically set them to do not email due to it bouncing (e.g. property match emails, viewing confirmations)

How Do We Deal with Bounces?

If an email bounces, we will automatically set the customer to do 'Not Email'.

As of  6 Nov 2018 there will be a note added to the customer activity if a customers email address has bounced and been marked as 'Do Not Email'.

Why Do Emails Bounce?

Emails can bounce for a number of reasons:

  • Invalid email address, often a typo so please check carefully
  • User mailbox is full
  • Email account has been disabled or discontinued

How Do I Resend Emails?

If you have corrected the email address and wish to send emails again simply untick the 'Do Not Email' tick box and it should send again if the new address is valid.

To find out more in depth information on why these changes have been made please read this article:


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