How do tenants report a property repair?

Tenants can report repairs from your website, similar to Fixflo.

How Do Tenants Report an Issue?

You can setup a special page on your website to allow tenants to report property repairs. They can also report them from their client account if you have set that up for them.

The tenant will be taken through a simple process to provide some details about the problem.

How Do You Get Notified?

You will be notified by email of new property issues and you can find them as follows:

  1. Go to the Letting tab and click on the Issues link
  2. Click on the issue to see details of the property repair

What To Do Next

You will need to review the issue and decide what to do to resolve it.

You may need to book a contractor to fix a problem in which case you'll need to notify the tenant.

You can add notes to the issue to track and record progress

Closing the Issue

When the property repair has been completed you can mark the issue as completed:

  1. Find the issue on the list
  2. Click into it and change the Status to Completed

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