This section deals with Offers, Property Sales and sales chains.

You should record details of all offers made by applicants on properties for sale. An offer is initally marked as Pending until the vendor decides wherther to accept or decline it.

If the vendor accepts an offer, a Property Sale will be created. This allows you to:

  1. Track the sale milestones and target completion date
  2. Create standard sale documents like the Memorandum of Sale
  3. Add notes to record a detailed history of the sale
  4. Add Tasks to schedule in a piece of work
  5. Create a sale chain and monitor the progress
  6. Track the monthly property sales by month (in Domus Pro)

Once a sale is completed it can be marked as Completed and the completion date recorded. If it falls through, it can be marked as Fallen Through and the date recorded.

Topic: Sales

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