How do I create statements for my landlords?

Basic landlord statements can be created to summarise the money in and money out relating to that tenancy.

Please note that these statements are for documentation purposes only so are not the same as statements produced using the Accounts features in Domus Pro (see the Accounts section for more details).

Create the Payments

First, you need to create the payments to reflect the money in and money out:

  1. Find the tenancy either through the applicant, the property or the 'Tenancies' list under the 'Letting' tab
  2. Click on the Payments tab
  3. Click 'create payment'
  4. Fill in the details (make sure to select the correct payment type as this determines whether the payment is a Credit or Debit)
  5. Save the payment

Payments will typically include a Rent Payment, Management Fee, Repair and Maintenance and Payment to Landlord.

Here's an example:

Date Description Credit (£) Debit (£) Balance (£)
01/06/2013 Rent Payment 1500.00   1500.00
01/06/2013 Management Fee   200.00 1300.00
01/06/2013 Boiler Repairs   100.00 1200.00
01/06/2013 Payment to Landlord   1200.00 0.00

Payment options and type

Payment option Type of payment
Deposit paid Credit (Paid in by tenant)
Rent paid Credit (Paid in by tenant)
Other fee Credit (Paid in)
Management fee Debit (Paid off, usually used from rent paid in)
Payment to landlord Debit (Payment, eg. rent payment)
Repair and maintenance Debit (Payment, often minused off next rent payment to landlord)

Create the Statement

Once you've finished creating the payments, you are ready to create the Statement:

  1. Click on the Statements tab
  2. Select the date range which includes the payments which you want on the Statement
  3. Click on 'Go'

The Statement will appear in the list below and you can click on it to create a printable version.

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