Starting a new Managed Tenancy

When a new managed tenancy starts, you will need to frst create the tenancy record, then Activate the tenancy. This will automatically create the first Rent Demand and Landlord Invoice.

  1. Create the tenancy and make sure all the rent, deposit and management fee information is correct
  2. Activate the tenancy - this will create the deposit invoice, rent demand and landlord invoice
  3. When the tenant pays the rent, pay off the rent demand (Accounts, Receive Rent Payments) and deposit invoice (Accounts, Unpaid Deposit Invoices)
  4. Pay off the landlord invoice (Accounts, Pay Landlord Invoices)
  5. Create the landlord statement (Accounts, Landlord Statements Due)

If the tenancy is Let Only then no invoices will be automatically produced as part of the tenancy activation.

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Topic: Accounts

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