How do I add or change a user account?

You can add as many user accounts as you need.

  1. Click on 'Users' under the 'Admin' tab
  2. Click 'add user'
  3. Fill in the user's details and tick if they are a Manager level user (see below)
  4. Save the user

A username will be automatically created for the new user.

You can only add or change users if you have Manager rights.

Manager Level Users

A Manager level user has access to setup and configuration settings within the Admin tab (primarily the Setup panel).

A non Manager level user does not have access to these settings.

Change Your User Password

Each user can change their own password:

  1. Go to Admin, Change Password
  2. Enter the old password then the new one (twice, for confirmation)
  3. Save the new password

You will need to use the new password next time you sign in.

Change Another User's Password

A Manager level user can change the password for another user:

  1. Go to Admin, Users
  2. Click in to the User and type in the new password
  3. Save the User details

The new password can now be used to sign in.

Deactivate a User account

If a user account is no longer required, a manager user can deactivate the account as follows:

  1. Go to Admin, Users
  2. Click in to the User and untick the Active indicator
  3. Save the User details

The user account is now deactivated and can no longer be used.

The account will remain in the user list so that it can be used for any linked data.

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