How do I setup an Email Campaign?

An Email Campaign allows you to send targeted emails to a group of your customers.

  1. Click on 'Templates' then 'Email Campaigns' under the 'Admin' tab
  2. Click on 'add template' and create or edit the email template, once you have completed it untick the 'draft template' tick box at the bottom.
  3. Save the template.
  4. Click on 'Email Campaigns' under the 'Admin' tab
  5. Click 'add campaign'
  6. Fill in the details making sure you have selected your new template and save the campaign
  7. Click on the Send button to send yourself a test email
  8. Make any changes you need to the template or campaign
  9. Once you're happy, launch the campaign
  10. Repeat if necessary for each customer type you need to send out to (e.g. landlords, vendors etc).

When the campaign is launched, the emails will be added to a queue and sent as soon as possible.

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