Can I download a CSV copy of my data?

You can download your customer data in CSV format which you can use for mail merges, importing into Email Marketing software, general backup purposes, etc.

To download the data:

  1. Go to Admin, Customer Filters in the Setup section (only available to manager users)
  2. Choose the customer filter which matches the data you need e.g. 'Current Buying Applicants' or 'Current Landlords'
  3. Click the Download link next to the filter to download the data to your computer

You can use the CSV file in a number of ways:

  1. Open it with spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel and use it for a mail merge
  2. Import it into your email marketing software
  3. Archive it as a local backup of your customer data

CSV File Format

CSV is a simple file format used to store tabular data, such as customer data. Files in the CSV format can be imported to and exported from programs that store data in tables, such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

CSV stands for "comma-separated values". Its data fields are most often separated, or delimited, by a comma. For example:

Forename, Surname, Email Address
John, Smith,
Sarah, Connor,
Jimmy, Choo,

In this example, the fields of data in each row are delimited with a comma and individual rows are separated by a newline.


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