Why has the Sales Pipeline changed?

The Sales Pipeline report now uses the data from Property Sales rather than Offers.  However there are two ways that the data may appear to be incorrect:

  1. A property with an Accepted Offer does not appear in the list.
  2. A property that has been completed (or fallen through) is still appearing in the list.

A Property Sale is created from an Offer when you click on the 'Accept Offer & Create Sale' button.  If you do not use this button to Accept the Offer but edit the Offer to change its Status, then the Property Sale is not created.  This means that it will not appear in the Sales Pipeline report.

Create the Missing Property Sale

To create the missing Property Sale for an Accepted Offer:

  • Edit the Offer and set its Status back to 'Pending'.  
  • When you save the Offer and go back to the Offer Summary screen you will now see the 'Accept Offer & Create Sale' button.  
  • Click on this and follow the instructions on the page that appears to create the Sale.

Change the Property Sale

If a Property is appearing in the list but the sale has either been completed or fallen through, then it may mean that you have edited the Offer rather than the Property Sale.  To change the Property Sale:

  • Click through from the report to the Property Sale (by clicking on the relevant price).  
  • Once on the Property Sale summary page you can select either the 'Sale Fallen Through' or 'Sale Completed' button and put in the date that this happened.  
  • Once you have done this, the Property should no longer appear in the Sales Pipeline report.

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